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A vital aspect of the integrity management of pipeline networks, cleaning is necessary at every stage throughout the lifecycle of any pipeline. We recognize that each pipeline is unique and that cleaning needs may vary depending on its operational purpose and lifecycle stage. Failure to clean your pipeline at regular intervals leads to reduced efficiency and may result in damages that impact its integrity.

Kemique Water Soluzione offers a wide range of Pipeline Cleaning Services in Cebu, PH, built on more than two decades of experience – experience gained working together with our customers on countless pipeline projects. Continuous development and innovation ensure that our Pipeline Cleaning Services are backed by robust service products that are manufactured in-house and supported by our experienced service personnel around the globe, providing tangible added value for our customers.

Importance of Pipeline Cleaning


Maintaining industrial pipelines is critical to production operations for several reasons. To begin with, oil and gas pipelines are susceptible to wear over time, exposing them to moisture and chemical attacks. Unchecked oxidative processes will result in pipeline corrosion and the buildup of deposits within the pipeline channels. This will result in damage to the structural integrity as well as contamination of products being conveyed by the pipelines.


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