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Activated carbon filters are generally employed in the process of removing organic compounds and/or extracting free chlorine from water, thereby making the water suitable for discharge or use in manufacturing processes. Eliminating organics in potable water, such as humic and fulvic acid, prevents chlorine in the water from chemically reacting with the acids and forming trihalomethanes, a class of known carcinogens.

Uses of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is used in a vast range of applications from gold purification to sewage treatment. Some of the common uses include air purification, hydrogen and methane storage, metal extraction, teeth whitening and other cosmetic products, and air filters in respirators and gas masks.

To fully explain every application of activated carbon would take volumes, so we’ve condensed its many uses into several broad categories:

  • Medical Applications — Activated carbon is widely used in the medical community to treat overdoses and poisoning. Additionally, activated carbon capsules or tablets can be purchased around the world to alleviate problems like indigestion and diarrhea.
  • Industrial Applications — Activated carbon is used in a broad range of industrial and manufacturing contexts. One common industrial application is in metal finishing. Activated carbon is the primary purification agent for removing impurities from metals like nickel.
  • Analytical Chemistry Applications — Because of its high adsorption, activated carbon is often used to purify solutions of organic molecules and chemicals. When combined with diatomaceous earth, activated carbon acts as a stationary phase in the low-pressure separation of carbohydrates.
  • Agricultural Applications — Activated carbon has risen in popularity with organic farmers and vintners. In livestock production, activated carbon serves as an additive to animal feed, a natural pesticide, a processing aid, and a disinfectant. For winemaking, it is a processing agent that absorbs odor and undesirable color pigments.
  • Environmental Applications — Because of its high surface area and adsorption potential, activated carbon serves a wide range of environmental uses. It is useful in groundwater remediation and spill cleanup.
  • Distilled Beverage Purification — In the manufacturing of whiskey and vodka, activated carbon filters are sometimes used to remove organic impurities from the beverage. Activated carbon filters out impurities that affect taste, color, and odor without reducing the alcohol content of the drinks.
  • Water Purification — Water purification is a major use of activated carbon. Activated carbon filters are used in both large- and small-scale products. They can remove impurities from large-scale, community-wide water systems as well as smaller scale, residential applications.
  • Air and Gas Purification — Activated carbon filters out odors, pollutants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air by trapping gas molecules and removing them efficiently from circulation. Also, activated carbon can be used to detect and adsorb radon in the air. In gas purification, activated carbon filters remove odors, hydrocarbons, and oil vapors from the air.
  • Gas storage — Activated carbon’s porous surface acts like a sponge for many types of gases. Research suggests activated carbon can store fuel gases efficiently in low mass, low volume, and low-pressure environments.

As described above, activated carbon plays a big role in purification industry. We at Kemique Water Soluzione have years of experience to help in supplying these systems. Contact us for additional information.


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