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Creating complex electromechanical services in Cebu, PH, requires an intense engineering effort. Kemique Water Soluzione’s engineering team encompasses a diverse array of disciplines, including many engineers with expertise spanning several disciplines. We ensure the efficient, reliable electromechanical manufacturing services and interoperation of all electrical and mechanical systems.

Our experience, coupled with our innovative and resourceful staff guides our company through the fluctuations, and changes of the tower installation, telecommunications and electrical & electromechanical industry. “From the ground up” is not just a good motto, but also explains our core business. We are prepared to take your plans and turn them into reality from the initial phone call or meeting, through the successful completion of your project.

Our electromechanical services include:

  • Upgrading boilers; including the design, procurement and erection of boilers with their components
  • Replacement of re-heater and superheater coils and header
  • Design, engineering and installation of steam coil air heaters
  • Replacement of crown plate supports, cold reheat pipes, drain pots and attemperaters
  • Redesign of boiler rear water wall support structure attachments from tube to membrane in the windbox
  • Mobile gas turbine generating unit installation
  • Heat recovery burner installation
  • Upgrading casings and seals for boilers
  • Installation of static and rotating equipment, conveyor bridges and package boilers
  • Replacement of thermal power generation systems
  • Erection of steel support structures, pipe racks and conveyer bridges
  • Installation and erection of overhead and gantry crane assembly
  • Installation of ferrous and non-ferrous piping and its components including erection, fabrication welding and NDT
  • Installation of pipes using trenchless technology (pipe bursting)
  • Customized critical lifting plans and heavy scaffolding assembly in preparation for mechanical works


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