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As the leading membrane pressure vessels distributor in the Philippines, Kemique Water Soluzione makes sure that our products are suit in most applications including low pressure 300 psi vessels for use on town water systems, mid pressure 600 psi vessels for brackish water systems and high pressure 1000 psi vessels for sea water systems.

Kemique Water Soluzione produces the finest pressure vessels that are designed to handle the highest pressure required by membranes today during treatment operations. 

These pressure vessels are coated with highly durable fiberglass and incorporate end caps for longer life usage in the face of corrosive conditions.

Why Choose Kemique Water Soluzione Membrane Pressure Vessels?

  • Approved designing by the USDA for clean filtration
  • Provided in different sizes of diameters and lengths
  • Huge sanitary guarantee maximum flow
  • Product hold-up is eradicated by sophisticated welds
  • Available in both high and low pressures PSI units
  • Low operational cost
  • Industrial applications are provided with non-sanitary housings
  • More compact and easier to use than PVC and SS housings with similar pressure ratings


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