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Chiller Installation & Maintenance | Cebu, PH

Chiller installation & maintenance in Cebu, PH, is more important than most people realize. Learn about what needs to be done to maintain chiller equipment.

Chillers are key components of air conditioning systems for large buildings. They produce cold water to remove heat from the air in the building. They also provide cooling for process loads such as file-server rooms and large medical imaging equipment. As with other types of air conditioning systems, most chillers extract heat from water by mechanically compressing a refrigerant.

Commercial buildings rely on HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems, to eliminate humidity and to cool the premises. Chillers are an intrinsic part of air-conditioning systems in big commercial buildings, this helps machines produce cold water to extract heat from the air in the building.

Kemique Water Soluzione’s expert representatives is here to save your building from an unanticipated shutdown, to give you some additional time to prepare for that weekend or evening emergency shutdown, so that your production is uninterrupted. We can then help you clean your equipment to return it to like-new operating efficiency.

High Performance Chemicals

Our range of boiler water chemicals will be matched against your specific needs to provide cost-effective protection of your whole steam system against corrosion & scale formation whilst minimizing your blowdown requirements.

Pre-treatment & Dosing Equipment

As well as great chemicals we make and install pre-treatment equipment like water softeners & RO plant and chemical dosage and control systems. Our equipment service team can keep your water treatment equipment running efficiently to ensure your steam system is always protected.


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