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Here at Kemique Water Soluzione, our experienced engineers are specialised in the practice of Air Handling Unit Maintenance in Cebu, PH. Air Handling Units (AHU’s) supply fresh air into buildings. During operation, an Air Handling Unit draws in huge amounts of outdoor pollutants, therefore filters need replacing and coil chambers need cleaning every three months to stay on top of the cleanliness. In line with each coil, there are a series of panel filters and bag filters that are available in various grades of filtration to suit the design. The cooling coil will sweat dew point condensation – as all cooled heat exchangers do. Greater duty requirements in built-up city areas will increase the dirt and bacteria build-up. This poses an increased risk of serious breakouts of legionella bacteria. Therefore, Air Handling Unit Maintenance needs to be a critical item, for building management planned preventative maintenance works.

Providing better air quality increases productivity…FACT!

Improved air quality, increased CO2 levels and removal of allergy pollutants, will improve the well being of the building occupants. In one study ran by our client, they found that 6 months after their ventilation maintenance the overall staff sickness leave had dramatically reduced. The CO2 levels recorded in the building had greatly increased and excessive humidity levels dropped. The neglect of maintenance on the building had left staff members surrounded in seriously oxygen deprived, bacteria-filled air.

No matter if your business needs an AHU replacement, belt replacement or an AHU refurbishment, Kemique Water Soluzione is here for you. We will utilize our years of experience and system knowledge to create the best air handling unit solution for your company.


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