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We at Kemique Water Soluzione offers cooling tower treatment in Cebu, PH, we have the experience to provide cooling tower chemical treatment services you can rely on. We’ll work with you to design a cooling tower chemical treatment plan that provides adequate defense against common contamination issues, including concentrated mineral content, biological growth and white rust formation. You’ll get the benefit of a guaranteed scale-free cooling tower water treatment system customized to your needs at a guaranteed annual price.



The solutions will maximize the life of your cooling water system. They keep energy, water, and maintenance costs to a minimum and protect your water systems from:

  • Corrosion – preventing corrosion is very important if you want to avoid the premature deterioration of your cooling tower. Deposits of minerals and biological sources like microbes can cause metal corrosion. The efficiency of the equipment will, over time, deteriorate and the system can fail if the corrosion goes untreated.
  • Scale and deposits – scale deposits will form an insulating barrier on the heat exchange surfaces reducing the efficiency of the heat transfer in your cooling system. These deposits will also cause problems with corrosion within the system.
  • Microbiological growth – microorganisms build up in cooling systems and lead to the formation of biofilms. These biofilms cause a number of problems including slime and fouling. Fouling affects equipment performance and promotes metal corrosion. In some cases bacterial growth can lead to health risks.
  • Legionella – the growth of the harmful Legionella bacteria is common in cooling towers as they provide the ideal conditions for it to survive and multiply. Legionella can cause serious health risks such as respiratory infections. It is crucial to prevent legionella in facilities where many people can be affected such as hospitals, hotels, and schools.

Kemique Water Soluzione is your best source for reliable cooling tower chemical treatment services. We will work with you to develop a customized cooling tower chemical treatment plan that will provide an effective defense against key contamination issues such as biological growth, concentrated mineral content and white rust formation. You’ll get the benefit of a guaranteed scale-free cooling tower water treatment system at a guaranteed affordable price.


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