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chemical descaling & cleaning services | Cebu, PH

Chemical descaling & cleaning services in Cebu, PH, are two of the most efficient and effective ways to remove built-up scale on industrial water systems. Over the life time of water systems, scale, greases and oil build up within the system, especially in systems that have not been regularly maintained with adequate water treatment systems and flushes. Systems located within hard water areas are also more susceptible to excessive scale build up, resulting in low fuel efficiency and heat transfer.

Kemique Water Sulozione helps its industrial customers minimise downtime and maximise process efficiency while controlling costs and protecting workers through safe, effective and efficient chemical cleaning and decontamination programs.

  • Technically Advanced
  • Safer
  • Time Saving
  • Cost Effective.

How we can help?

We work with you to develop the optimum cleaning circuits while our team of qualified and experienced specialists execute the service with the highest level of safety and attention to detail.

Fully contained chemical cleaning system prevents any release of hazardous contaminants:

  • Compared to steaming-out, our innovative chemical washing approach will save you up to two days for large vessels, which results in cost savings for you.
  • Our chemical cleaning solution does not require the removal of plant or equipment from site saving you time, money and resources.
  • Ability to clean areas of plant and assets otherwise inaccessible by other cleaning methods
  • Our process removes hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and pyrophorics from confined spaces, making vessels and towers available for safe worker entry sooner.
  • Where required we provide R&D support to select, or design and manufacture, bespoke chemicals to treat our client’s contaminants


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